James Cameron has finished filming Avatar 2

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That’s a wrap! After a long years of waiting , James Cameron announces his completion on filming Avatar 2.Adding to it he stated that he is yet to complete three more sequels.But after many decades the first sequel is in the cards and it is one step ahead to the reality .

James Cameron recently spoke with his friend and a frequent collaborater Arnold Schwarzenegger in an interview on the youtube channel owned by the actor.During their conversation,Cameron mentioned about the obstacles that came across their path while finishing live-action production in the current environment.Amidst those challenges,the filmmaker specifies the termination of the movie Avatar 2 alongside heading to the completion of the next sequel Avatar 3 as well.

Filming the blockbuster sequel was able to resume in june ,with production taking place in New Zealand. James Cameron has revealed set of photos during the course of filming ,comprising at some at some new ships and an underwater vessel. Cameron and his crew previously spent months filming all of the underwater sequences that will be a big part of avatar 2,and presumably the other sequels.The amount of underwater filming bestowed the filmakers with new challenges that extracted the time to sort out.

In total, Avatar envisioned has a five movie franchise.The reason behind the delay to get the sequel done is that James Cameron wrote the scripts for all four sequels at a streatch while planning the production on multiple intervals atonce.Sam Worthington ,Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver and Stephen Lang are returning from the original movie. KateWinslet,DavidThewlis,MichelleYeoh,JemaineClement,OonaChaplin,Edie Falco and Cliff Curtis are joining the cast of the sequels. Disney, which inherited the franchise in the multi billion dollar merger with Fox last year,made to delay the release of Avatar 2 a couple of times already.The movie is currently set to arrive on December 16, 2022.Avatar 3 is scheduled on december 20,2024 following to it Avatar 4 is set to hit the screen on December 18, 2026 and avatar 5 on december 22,2028.

Source: Movieweb by Ryan Scott