Animation Services

As one of the leading Indian animation companies

Animation is a simple, engaging, and cost-effective medium through which messages can be conveyed to the brand’s target audience. At RPM VFX Studio, we have the skillset and the infrastructure on hand to deliver animated video content that is rich, effective, and appeals to audiences across all demographics and industries.we have delivered delight to luminaries such as TATA Power, 24 Carat Entertainment, and Metafold.

Our equipment is running at full steam
Our animation services in Chennai are aided by our cutting-edge facility. An entire floor has been dedicated to a Chroma section, and music and voice overs of optimal quality levels are created from within our 24-track sound studio. Our talented team of animators, modelers, artists and designers ensure that the output of our 2D and 3D animation services is topnotch, and our experienced IT team ensures that all our equipment is running at full steam.
We use the latest in animation software and technology to help deliver quality results to our client.
2D animation is definitely the simplest and also the most recognizable form of animation.

From those legendary cartoons from 2D animation studios such as Warner Bros. and Hanna–BarberaProductions to some of the coolest and most trending marketing campaigns today, all are rendered in this style of animation. At RPM VFX Studio, one of the foremost 2D animation studios in India, we have created outstanding 2D animation videos to help clients reach out to audiences across media.

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3D animation is used in films and commercials

The use of 3D animation can suspend reality and transport viewers into worlds unimagined. 3D animation is used in films and commercials, engaging audiences of all ages.RPM VFX Studio is amongst the leading 3D animation studios in Indiaand offers end-to-end3D animation servicesto leading companies and production houses, enabling them to simplify inherently complex brand messages and stories.

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3D product modeling and visualizationis a cost-effective method for the creating a new product and examining how it will interact with a three-dimensional plane.

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Motion graphics are a subtle-yet-effective means of raising the quality of any video production.

A slight twirl of a logo or a large moving band across the screen can reinforce a brand, highlight the name or genre of the program or identify the artist in a music video among other things. Motion graphics animation adds a sheen of professionalism and underscores brand values through its presence in a video.

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The explosion of the internet has seen newer

More innovate ways to spread education and share knowledge. This idea has solidified into e-learning portals that provide training and instruction through the means of electronic communications.E-learning animation is an extremely popular means of explaining concepts and lessons, as the audio-visual medium is known to be one that grabs attention the most and helps with content retention the best.

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